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Dear Organizing Team of International Summer School,
I trust that you are well and our beloved partner Siberian Federal University is flourishing. I am Azimjon Akhmadjanov, Head International Cooperation Officer and a first-year master student of Tashkent Financial Institute from Uzbekistan.
Now I am writing to ask a couple of questions regarding your brilliant initiative.
1. Is it 9000 RUR or 90000 RUR? If 9000 rur, it is very affordable.
2. As I read, it is not the first year of ISS. It would be very helpful, if you can tell me the pass rate of the applicants of the previous ISS?
Wishing all the best for friend Siberian Federal University on behalf of Tashkent Financial Institute,
Looking forward to hearing from you soon,
Kind regards,
Azimjon Akhmadjanov
Head International Cooperation Officer

Dear Azimjon,
Thank you very much for your interest to participate in our ISS. Unfortunately as the student of Tashkent Institute you will be considered as the foreign student- the participation fee for you will be 350 euros. If you need to obtain visa, please fill the due Application form.
Re the rate of Applicants- we could not send you any info beforehand, because the rating depends on several factors and vary each year. Please fill docs and we welcome you for participation ( foreign students are given more preferences in the competition).
You can also write messages in Russian if you want.

Здравствуйте, могут ли принять участие студенты магистратуры, аспиранты1 года обучения?

Добрый день, Константин!
Да, могут. Если экономика или управление - сфера Ваших интересов, то заполняйте форму регистрации, в том числе - пишите эссе на английском языке и, таким образом, участвуйте в конкурсе!
Результаты конкурсного отбора будут опубликованы после 25 июня.

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